My name is CopyCat. I am an anonymeows streetartist located in the Netherlands.

The subject of my art is Cats. It all started with one of my own cats. The little fellow is deaf and with the risk of getting in an accident he can't go outside. So I thought let's bring a painted version of him to the streets. I liked the result and got the idea to spread cats all over the city. To keep it diverse I asked other cats on Instagram to send in their favourite picture and get a purrtrait of their meowdel.

This got a bit out of hand and there are currently over a hundred cats spread thru the city.

I am a true believer that art makes a big difference in the world and should be available for everyone. Because of this I choose locations that are all in the public domain. The goal is to bring a smile to the face of the person spotting a cat. To make sure it only brings smiles I choose my locations carefully. The cats are painted with the help of stencils and are always made in black and white tones.

Currently all cats are painted in the city Tiel. In the future I might also take my little furriends to travel the rest of the world.

Feel free to join the fun and send in the favourite picture of your cat via Instagram messenger.

You can support me by buying one of the items available in the shop on my site. Also handpainted prints of all cats on my instagram are available. For this option please send me a private message on Instagram.